Friday, 29 May, 2009

Sometimes you cannot decide?

Everyone faces different types of condition in his/her life. Sometimes they succeed sometimes not, but what goes on? the answer is life. From dawn to dusk.....I still remember my those days when I was doing my masters in journalism from Bhopal. The entire budding journalist group had lot of energy and so on. In the last semester we all worried about our job, that what will we do in our next future. Well except that we have a moral support given by our HOD Mr. PP Singh. He always use to say that do you work simply and perfectly whenever you get a chance to prove yourself. We all worked hard and almost all of us (25 students) got job. Now many of them are married and completing thier responsibilites perfectly in personal as well as profession life. Some of us are getting handsome amount as salary package. I also started working from Bhopal then joined Lokmat Times in Aurangabad, then CNBC commodities for few days only, after that 4 months blank (no job) after that I have got job in Agra in DLA (english daily tabloid) . Now working in editoral department in a sister concern of Rajasthan Patrika, Jaipur. I have faced different types of people, condition, places many times succeeded in solving every type  of trouble but now today when I am in Jaipur i am unable to pull out myself from lots a dilemmatic conditions. Most of them are personal. Well I dont want any suggestion from anybody .....except that ...i dont know why i am writing these things on such freaky internet creature like blogs.....this is what when u cannot decide what to do? 

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